Protazil® (1.56% diclazuril) is the first FDA-approved alfalfa-based, pelleted treatment for EPM.


  • First FDA-approved alfalfa-based, pelleted formulation containing diclazuril
  • Makes accurate dosing and administration easier and safer for horse owners
  • Indicated for the treatment of EPM caused by S. neurona in horses
  • Administer as a daily top-dress at 1.0 mg/kg for 28 days
  • Available in 2-pound containers. Dose is measured with a calibrated scoop

Proven effective in clinical field trial.

67% of horses improved by at least 1 ataxia grade within 48 days.

Proven safe in clinical field trial.

No drug-related adverse events observed for horses receiving 1X, 5X or 10X doses of Protazil for 28 consecutive days.

Protazil® (1.56% diclazuril) is contraindicated in horses with known hypersensitivity to diclazuril. Safe use in horses used for breeding purposes, during pregnancy, or in lactating mares has not been evaluated. The safety of Protazil® (1.56% diclazuril) with concomitant therapies in horses has not been evaluated.

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